Dearest Parents,

Have you ever wonder why we place our children in schools where competition is allowed and encouraged, where the “best” and learning the “most” is rewarded, where “performance” is graded, and moving at one’s own pace is barely tolerated? What does our children understand from this?

Why do we not allow our children to learn critical thinking and problem solving skills, using the tools of their own intuition and their deepest inner knowing, rather than the rules and the memorized systems of society, which has already proven itself to be wholly unable to evolve by these methods, yet continue to use them?

Finally, people always ask us what subjects we teach. We teach “skills” not “subjects”.

Let us explain.

It is no secret that factual knowledge alone is thus no longer the great differentiator between those who succeed and those who don’t. We want to equip children with the skills they will need not just to survive but to thrive in the twenty-first century. Our curriculum doesn’t focus on maths, literacy, science etc. but focus on skills like

  • financial literacy;
  • entrepreneurial;
  • leadership;
  • social and emotional skills.

We want to teach our children these skills from the earliest age and we based our entire educational model upon them. Plus, we have the coolest, most engaging and fun learning environment. Both you and your child will love it!

We Educate With The Heart

Our time with your child is finite. In years to come, they may forget about what we’ve taught them, but they’ll always remember how we’ve made them feel.

  • Elle Chen - Teacher

    Elle Chen, the little lady with a fierce and ambitious heart, has joined in the fight to defend our children’s imagination. Elle imparts financial literacy and life skills into the hearts and minds of children. She also manages course and material development. Her aim is to create a nurturing, exciting and fun learning environment so that our children will to be able to grow into the fine and fearless figures of tomorrow. Elle is an avid traveler and enjoys learning and extending herself in all aspects of work and personal life. Life outside of work includes lunch dates with friends, baking with her sister, dancing with her niece and counting her blessings.

  • Eugene Cheung - Content Editor

    Eugene – part time poet and artist, with a fiery passion to showcase the importance of creativity in all children. As the Content Editor of Kids at Switch, Eugene manages the marketing side of the business. Thinking outside the box and developing creative new insights is his specialty, whilst ensuring the nuts and bolts of Kids at Switch is running smoothly. He liaises with media, writes for the blog, keeps the business on its toes and still manages to take selfies at his work desk! His aim is to foster a culture of creativity at Kids at Switch, reflecting his own value of creativity in a relatively uncreative world.

  • Jamie Lee - Director

    Founder of Kids at Switch, Jamie Lee, is changing the way kindergartens, schools, childcare centres, sporting groups and parents entertain and educate children. Boasting a hybrid entrepreneurial skill-set: strong academic accomplishments, business acumen and impressive leadership skills, Jamie is an entrepreneurial figure and thought-leader in the education sector who has pioneered a new model for education and social innovation for children to discover and enrich their own personal tool kit. After completing an Education Degree at Macquarie University, Jamie went onto complete a certificate in Financial Accounting Principal at Harvard’s Extension School. A staunch supporter of innovation and education, Jamie’s mission was to foster financial literacy and inspire innovation in kids.

  • Michelle Tso - Teacher

    A believer in learning as a lifelong endeavour, Michelle loves to think about how she can partner alongside kids in their learning journey. Having recently recieved a Best Performance in Arts and Education from UNSW, she joined KaS because she was convinced and inspired by the practice of meaningful and relevant real life learning. As a member of the KaS team, Michelle is involved in planning and teaching financial literacy lessons that focus on the purposeful play and engagement of kids. She is currently continuing to learn through undergoing Honours in Special Education at UNSW. Michelle enjoys keeping up to date with John Green’s vlogs, using too many emoticons and kendo.

  • Paul Essing - 2IC/ Teacher

    While studying with the aim to work in corporate services, Paul found Kids at Switch and swiftly changed direction to join the team. The decision arose from many years’ experience working in primary and high schools in a variety of roles. His experience in schools, sports fields and school camps led Paul to find a passion for teaching, tempered by a dissatisfaction with modern systems of education. As a 2IC (second in charge), Paul strives to align learning with the realities faced by the current generation of students. Raised on a strict diet of steak and spaghetti, much of Paul’s adult life outside of work is spent finding the best that Sydney has to offer in Asian cuisine.