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Why Financial Skills?

My daughter’s ability to understand the principles of money has increased phenomenally… she applies the knowledge she’s learnt to the  real world, especially decisions around finance and putting money aside.” Michelle (Mum) “At the end of your schooling, your bank doesn’t look at your report card; they looks at your financial savviness.”

At 6 years old, most kids understand that a piggy bank is for saving and money comes from work. It usually doesn’t go much further. This limited perception of money runs the risk of continuing into adulthood; and as much as we don’t like to admit it, this 2D view of the economy is just not enough to prepare our kids for an increasingly volatile economy.

Give children money; it’s gone in a day. Teach children how to value money; they are empowered for the rest of their life.

Classroom of the Future

Kids at Switch tackles this by placing your child in a Simulated Learning Economy, where they are guaranteed to make mistakes. Our financial literacy program allows your child to learn:

  • Leadership Skills: Develop a habit of asking well-reasoned and analytical questions.
  • Financial Skills: Make smart money decisions.
  • Entrepreneurial Skills: Take calculated risks and tolerate failure.
  • Innovation: Learn to engage with foreign concepts and think critically about them.
  • Social Skills: Collaborate with other kids in different age groups.
Class Timetable

Course 1: 
Duration: 3 Terms
Wednesday 3:30 – 5pm
Friday 3:30 – 5pm (Full)
Sunday 3:30 - 5pm

Course 2:
Duration: 3 Terms
Sunday 12:30 – 2pm (Full)

Course 3:
Duration: 2 Terms
Prerequisite: Course 2
Thursday 1:30 – 3pm (By invitation only)

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