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Engineering Holiday Workshop

Date: 5th July, Saturday
Time: 10 - 3pm

Cost: $100 + GST

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Australia has low take-up rates of the so-called STEM disciplines: science, technology, engineering and maths. It has been estimated that 75 per cent of the fastest growing occupations require STEM skills and knowledge, yet Australian students flock to the humanities. The nearest many schoolchildren get to maths and science is biology. The answer may lie not in controversial questions such as pre-disposition, but in the way these subjects are related to real life experience.

During this upcoming holiday workshop, we aim to use story telling and hands-on experiments to spark our young innovators love toward STEM.

Activity 1: Build a house against the wind

Fuelled by the story of the three little pigs, kids will think and problem solve how to build a house that can withstand that mighty force of nature, the wind. Through this activity, we discuss the necessity of setting a strong foundation.

Activity 2: Habour Bridge builder

The Harbour Bridge is a wonderful example of engineering. Kids will plan, create and present a bridge to learn about what makes an effective bridge. We will use this activity to explore ideas of balance and how they can have a balanced lifestyle.

Activity 3: Lighting it up!

Collaboration is an incredibly important asset to engineering and life. Teams of kids will work together to learn more about light and how it interacts with objects like mirrors. In this project, kids will have to investigate investigate the best way of lighting up a cardboard art gallery.

Activity 4: Galaxy slime

Engineers constantly have to stretch their thinking and try new things. Kids will flex their creative muscles by trying to make the most stretchy slime. We will talk about the role of perseverance and trial and error in creativity.

Date: 5th July, Saturday

Time: 10 - 3pm

Location: Shop 1, 18-26 Anderson Street, Chatswood

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